Thursday, April 9, 2009

Puberty and Other Funny Things...

So my dear Aubrey will be eleven in a few days. He has started taking a special "health" class at school, about growing up. He calls it "puberty class". It has been pretty amusing. He brought home the note from school requesting his participation last Wednesday. We talked about it and I told him he could attend them if he discussed everything he learns with his dad and I. So on Thursday, he comes into my bathroom in the morning and tells me he needs deoderant before he gets dressed. I obliged him and he went to school. On Friday, he informed me that he had needed a more manly smelling deoderant and he wanted to make sure I knew he had pimples. He hadn't even had the class yet!

So yesterday, I got home from work and he was sitting at the counter. Brey, our oldest, was in the den and Thane wasn't home from work yet. "Mom", he says, "I had my puberty class today and it was really confusing." I asked him to elaborate. "Well, first they showed us a drawing of a man," he said. "Okay..." I said. "Well, the drawing was a naked man, mom", he said. "Uh-huh", I raised my eyebrows. "I am sure you didn't see anything you didn't already know," I said. He laughed and then asked, "How do the egg and the sperm get together?" I stopped in my tracks and smiled. My fourteen year old in the den is laughing hysterically and at the same time my husband walked in the door. "Let's ask your dad", I said. Aubrey repeated his question and my husband answers, "I don't know Aubrey, let's ask Brey!" Brey responds, "I don't know either!"

Now, I don't want any of you to worry...I did tell Aubrey about the birds and the bees and I had to dismiss my husband and oldest son from the room because they were laughing too hard. When I finished talking to him, he fell off of his chair onto the floor, saying "Ohhh, Mom!!" It was pretty funny. Thane and the older boys always make fun of me because I talk to the boys about this stuff. Boys are so different than us girls. They don't want to talk about anything and we want to talk about everything! So, when it was time to go to bed, Aubrey asked if he could ask me another question. "Of course, " I said. "What is a sanitary napkin?" he asked. Trying not to giggle, I asked "What do you think it is?" He responded, "I think it is one of those special napkins that has hand sanitizer on it that you use before you eat." Wow, I can't imagine what he'll learn tomorrow!


  1. Mac is @ the point of worrying DAILY that she's going to "start" and I really think she pictures herself in an absolute pool in the middle of class! She actually tried to convince me to home school her because of it!

  2. I'm not sure which is funnier, the story, or the comment it inspired! haha! Love this Becky, of course the telling is much MUCH better in person! Love that Aubrey...oh the days of innocence, so precious arent they?