Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Cross Country Excellent Adventure

This is just to serve as a brief update on our family's trek from the Pacific to the Atlantic. I am sure some of you are wondering how its going, so I thought I would take a minute before I hit the sack in Cheyenne, WY, to relay to you some "funnies from the road". . .

For those of you who don't know, two trucks (one towing a car and all our stuff) and the other loaded with 5 boys and one very big, very confused Chesapeake Bay Retriever. T drives the moving truck, with one boy as the "trucking buddy". Today the buddy was Gabe. The other car holds me, 4 boys and the mutt. The "funnies", of course, are from my vehicle:

Brey: "Who farted?"
Rhett: "Are we in Nebraska yet?"
Keller: "Somebodies feet really stink?"
Rhett: "I can't wait til we get to Nebraska, cuz that's right next to NJ!"
Brey: (eye rolling)
Aubrey: "Mom, the dog is really upset, I think you're driving too fast."
Keller: "Who farted?"
Rhett: "Are we in Wyoming?"
Keller: "Mom, do you have another snack basket cuz this one's empty."
Aubrey: "Mom, the dog is panting really hard, I think he was in a car accident with the family who owned him before us. . . (petting the dog, now) When you ride on those rumble strips, it brings him back to that day he might have been in the accident with that other family."
Dog: "Ha, ha, ha "(looking pathetic)
Keller: "I'm not kidding, whose feet stink like that!"
Brey: (eye rolling, while texting someone)
Rhett: "Do you think we'll make it to NJ tonight?" (note: we're in WY!)

I could go on and on as we have already driven 1400 miles and the above snippet is only about 10 minutes worth, but alas, I must get some rest. You know how truckin goes. . . hittin it hard tomorrow. Wish me luck, I should have a lot more material tomorrow night:)

Happy trails!!

Monday, June 29, 2009


It seems like it was literally yesterday that my sweet husband sat across from me in our favorite restaurant, held my hands in his and told me that he thought we should move to NJ. He asked me to commit to praying with him about what the Lord would have us do. And so we sought the Lord's plan for us together. One of the sweetest gifts the Lord has given me is a husband who is wise enough to seek the Lord's will and committed enough to follow it once it is revealed. It only draws us closer to each other when we seek his calling as a couple for our family.
And so the story goes, we sought Him together, and together we felt the Lord's calling to go. One of the moments that is so poignant to me is a Sunday not long after that first conversation. T and I had been praying about moving but had not yet discussed our intentions with anyone. As we walked in to church late (yes that sometimes happens with 5 kids), John, our worship pastor (and T's buddy) was preaching about how serving the Lord should "cost us something". His prayer that morning was "let it cost me something". . . wow, I had never thought about that before. That had never been my prayer. But this morning the Lord spoke to me, these words pierced my heart, and suddenly it became my prayer, "Lord, I want to serve you above all things, I am willing to lay it all down for you, nothing is more important to me than you, let it cost me something."
In the weeks that followed, I thought and prayed on those words every day. I thought I had it all figured out. T and I both had great jobs we loved. Our jobs provided well for our boys, we lived by the beach (which I had always dreamed of) and we were able to afford to do lots of fun stuff with our kids. So I was sure that "letting it cost me something" meant for us to give up our jobs, our house and some stuff. That certainly seemed costly enough, right? The funny thing is the closer we got to leaving, the less difficult it seemed to give up jobs and stuff, and eventually I started thinking I was really good at giving up stuff because it really wasn't that hard for me. . .
So maybe, unlike me, you have already figured out that giving up the stuff wasn't supposed to be costly, it was giving up the people that is costly. That's the part that is hard, that's the part that still hurts.
God is so good. He delivered us to the Oregon Coast when we thought all was lost. When we were without hope, we held on to Him. . .together, and He delivered. He surrounded us with so many of His people that spent this last year loving us, encouraging us and discipling us. They became such an integral part of our lives that I can't believe its only been a year. It seems as if we have known them a lifetime. The "cost" of saying goodbye to them has been more painful than I could have imagined. It has left a void that only He can fill. The tears have been plentiful, and they have not yet gone.
So what now? Oh, I know. . . hold on to Him and He will deliver. . . Praise God!

Thank you all for your love, we will never forget you. . .and bound by the Spirit, we abide in Him, forever.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My mother cracks me up sometimes. That's one of the things I love most about her, she is extremely funny! Listening to her tell a story, is truly something everyone should get to experience. So this post is about my mother getting ready for my hubby to come and stay with her while he job hunts in NJ. It all started last week when I called her and told her that he would be coming there and interviewing for some jobs. She got so excited. "He'll stay with us, right?" I could picture her immediately tasking my dad to help her make the bed in their guestroom, smoothing out the fresh sheets, fluffing and arranging the pillows, and making sure he would have enough drawer space in the dresser. All the while, talking quickly with excitement, justifying to my dad why the pillows needed to be just right. The reason? I know you want to know...it's because she wants him to know he is loved.

My mom has always sought out the "little things" that are important to someone she loves. She delights in little things ("chatchkeys" she calls them). But they really have a way of making one feel very special. Whether it's a small waterfall that she knows would go perfectly in your bathroom, or a coffee mug that reminds her of you, or a "bedazzled" blouse that she thinks brings out your eyes...the list goes on and on. This quality she has is one I admire and try to achieve. I think it is very reflective of our Savior's love for us. So different is each one of His children, yet He loves us enough to know our names, to know our likes and dislikes, to care for our needs down to the tiniest detail. How amazing! I know when He answers a prayer of mine, I feel so special to Him. That's because I am.

One more funny thing about my mom. Getting ready for T's visit, she called me many times. "What kind of soap does he like? What kind of soda does he drink? Does he like 2% or 1%milk?" Every time the phone rang, I would look at T and smile. After he arrived at her house over the weekend, he called me. He told me how great his room was and how my mom had already gotten all of his favorite breakfast foods ready for the morning. Later that day he called me from the car in between his interviews. After visiting on the phone, I said, "You probably need to go and get some lunch before your next interview." "Nope," he answered, "Your mom packed me a cooler, so I'm gonna sit right here and eat my sandwiches, my beef jerkey, my chips, my cookies, my peanuts and drink my favorite sodas."

I'm wondering if he'll come home or just tell me to meet him there!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

From Pity to Joy In Less Than A Day!

Wow. Have you ever just been completely knocked off your butt? Relax, I'm not referring to any alcohol related incidents. Have you ever just been going about your business, looking at the world through your tiny, little window, when suddenly something just knocks you over? That JUST happened to me! OK, so I'll explain...I have spent the day throwing a pity party. I have pushed through focusing only on my little segment of the big picture, when suddenly, with no warning at all...the Lord got involved. Oh yea, some of you know what I'm talking about, others are going..."Huh?" I'll explain further...

So, T is interviewing for jobs on the East Coast. I am home with the boys, working, packing and overall feeling quite sorry for myself. (Although I didn't notice that last part until the Lord got involved!) Last night, I prayed that the Lord would provide a good job for T. This morning I prayed that the Lord would sustain me while I am here alone. Later, I prayed that the Lord would strengthen me so I can get everything done. Oh, somewhere in there I prayed that the Lord would provide a good job for me, Oh yea and that I wouldn't get sick, and that I need this, and I need that and me, me, me... Can anyone relate here? So eventually my pity party ended in some tears in my office, and I decided to take my party home and feed the kids, and then it happened...as I was reading a recent post from a terrific sister in the Lord, I got goose bumps. And then that swelling up in my heart that comes from the Spirit said to me, "Don't you know, none of it is about you?" I was immediately humbled by the sense of purpose the Lord has given me since He rescued me...It's about HIM.

In that moment, everything lined up for me. All the griping and whining about all that I have to do, doesn't reflect HIM. All of the crying, worrying and complaining doesn't reflect HIM. And all of the anxiety over the minor details of my life does not reflect HIM. If I am not reflecting HIM who am I reflecting? Oh yea, me! How nauseating, I mean do you ever just get sick of your own self? I know I do. But the really great thing is Thank God the Lord gave me His Spirit to gently bring me to my knees. He is always ready to forgive, restore and set me back on path He intends for me. The path that leads others to Him. Because that's what it's really about right? Even in my trials, I want others to see joy and love in me, not because I'm good, because HE is good. Have you ever met someone who speaks of the "Lord's will" and how they are seeking it, or living it, yet their head is down, their mouth is down, and they despair as to how they will ever find a way to do what He has called them to? If the Lord has called, then there is joy in the calling and He WILL make the way. I don't have to worry about the way...I just need to be a reflection of the One who prepares it.

So after I was knocked on my butt, I shifted to my knees...Oh Lord, you are so patient with me, you know I will fail yet you still find purpose in me. My heart is willing, Lord, and I know you are faithful. I'm gonna get back up now and joyfully serve. Bring it on!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where to Begin...

It has been a long time since I posted and boy has a lot happened! I'll start with these pictures from our weekend trip to Idaho. Thane's 20 year high school reunion (can you believe it!) was last weekend so we traveled over with kids in tow for a visit with their grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins...whew! Thane's parents have a home on acreage a ways out of town and this weekend they babysat all 12 of their grandkids (all under 14!) while the kids (us!) attended the reunion. The kids had so much fun with their cousins, sleeping on the porch in sleeping bags, hunting ground squirrels and getting really dirty. They were utterly exhausted every night! The adults got to visit with old friends and spend time with family we had not seen in a while. It was fun for everybody. Us "coasties" even got sun burned! (So that's what that bright orange ball is...I thought it looked familiar!)
On a completely different note...we are getting ready to move...again! We are awfully excited about taking our family to the opposite coast, and relocating to NJ. We are going to be neighbors with my sis and her family! The kids are looking forward to living near their cousins and grandparents. It will bring lots of changes for our family but we look forward with great anticipation towards the blessings the Lord has in store for us. Never before have we felt more at peace in His hands then we do now. What a gift to have a loving God who knows our names and goes before us to prepare the way.
Well, there you go...big news, I know. We are in for a busy month, preparing for our trip and finishing up lots of things at work and at home. Can't wait to get there and surf in the Atlantic! Do they have sharks there?