Friday, February 6, 2009

Messy house, messy car, messy desk...Blessed Life!

Wow, it has been a long time since I last posted. I wonder why? Oh wait, I think I must be that new job, those five boys, my husband, dinner, the house and of course...laundry!! I know what you're thinking...excuses! All joking aside, the other morning as I was getting ready to leave for work I couldn't find my phone, then I couldn't find my keys, then I couldn't find my purse. Somehow, I made it out of the house and into my car where I found a banana peel, three coffee cups, a pair of socks and somebody's field trip permission slip. When I arrived at work, I couldn't open my office door because I couldn't find my keys. Finally, I got into my office only to find my desk buried in papers and a line of people waiting to see me. I don't know that I have ever felt so crazy and disorganized in my whole life. Can anyone relate?
Do you ever feel so stressed that you think there is just no way you can handle another thing? Some days when I get home I feel like I don't have anything left for anybody. But when I get home there are six guys waiting for me. Even though I may feel like a disorganized mess, like I can't accomplish anything, like everything I do is only half done...they still think I'm the best.
So after I get home and the sports for the evening are finished, it's finally time for bed. Thane and I always put the boys to bed together and sometimes it feels like it's just one more thing I have to do before I can finally go to sleep. The funny thing is even when I approach this task half heartedly...the Lord still blesses me. I usually fall down on my knees by their bed, hold my head in my hands and say, "OK boys, let's pray." They know the order, so they start to pray, and even though my heart and head are so self absorbed, as they begin to pray, the Holy Spirit speaks to me. It usually goes like this:
Rhett: "Dear Lord, thank you for my mom and dad. Please help my friend, Jacob, to know you. Please help me to be a good best friend to him. Thank you for saving me."
Aubrey: "Dear Lord, please heal my auntie Sarah, please heal my Grandpa Roger from his arthritis, please help Grandma Carol recover from her surgery. please be with Mr. Guffy as he shares your love. thank you for Jesus."
Gabe: "Dear Lord God, I need you to let me know if you want me to talk to Liam about you. I need you to let me know if I will get all A's. please heal my auntie Sarah and make her cancer never come back. I love you, Jesus."
Keller: "Dear Lord, forgive me for my sins, help me to do your will."
Brey: "Lord God, help me to be the man you want me to be."
So after their kisses and hugs goodnight, I turn off their lights and close their bedroom doors. My heart is warm, my spirit renewed. My God has once again reminded me of what really matters. I climb in bed and lift up voice to my Savior. "Thank you for my family, thank you for my crazy life...use it Lord, as you can use all things, for your glory." I close my eyes, knowing that He is faithful to do exactly that.

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  1. I love you AND all six of your guys! I miss you all!