Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Short Little Funny...

So this morning, Rhett was awake before me. When I got up he was in the kitchen eating breakfast. "Good morning", I said. "Morning, mom", he said. "Mom, I need to tell you something, the tooth fairy didn't come again last night, I have had my tooth under my pillow for five nights now!" Those of you with less than five children or you "supermoms" can stop gasping now, as this has become a familiar scenerio in our home. I've decided not to live in shame anymore...I totally suck at being the tooth fairy. But you know, I guess part of it is I have never really bought into the concept. I mean, boys aren't real into "fairies" anyway, and how believable is it to any kid with reasonable intelligence, that some gifted being would really want to give them money in exchange for a dirty old tooth!

In all fairness, when the boys were really little or maybe it was just when the older ones were really little, I really did try to keep up. But do you have any idea how hard it is to keep up with all of these teeth? I mean how many teeth is it anyhow, like 16 x 5?!! That's a lot of teeth! And in this economy what middle class family can afford that! And then you have the added disadvantage of the older ones tipping off the younger ones so even if I remember to sneak in and swap the money for the tooth, someone is still awake waiting to see if I'm coming in the room! Once we had our fourth child it became a losing now I am content to be a "tooth fairy loser". Maybe those of you with less than five children should just stop reading now. I don't want to disillusion any of you.

So back to this morning...Rhett complains about the lack of profit on his most recent molar and I just look at him and wink. "Times are tough, Rhett, even the tooth fairy is cutting back." So we went about our day, took the kids to the high school distict wrestling tournament, then celebrated a birthday with one of our friends. So when we got home about nine, Rhett comes in to the living room with his tooth. "Should I put it under my pillow again?" he said. "Naah," I replied. "What's it worth to ya?" I asked. He smiled and said,"Fifty bucks". I said, "How about two?" "Sounds good," he laughed. We made the exchange and he ran off to get ready for bed. Even though I am a "tooth fairy loser" he thinks I'm tops. That's the great thing about kids!

P.S. My "yellow" friend is much less yellow. He is on the road to healing thanks to our loving Savior and lots of prayer! Thanks to all of you who have been praying!


  1. That is way too funny. Don't feel too bad, I only have 2 kids, only one has lost teeth and I still forget half the time!!!! It takes the Tooth Fairy days to get the $/tooth exchange right. Who thought of this idea any way? You should talk to Julie...the Tooth Fairy at her house gives Holiday Bonuses....BIG ONES! Don't let the boys talk to them!!!

  2. I'm awful too! And my most frustrating tooth fairy experience: I have always given the kids 2 quarters - seems like a fair price. One night Ashley stayed at my house and I was asked to be the tooth fairy for her and handed - to my utter shock - A TEN DOLLAR BILL!!

    That's not easy to explain.

  3. Well i have to say, i never got TWO BUCKS! Geez! :)
    I love you! I miss you!

    As for the yellow friend, not quite there again, but we both know he will be soon! Im keeping this thing updated more now :) See you soon! Travel safe!