Saturday, July 4, 2009

Finally Here!!!

I am sure many of you have been waiting with bated breath, wondering "where are those syversons?" Did they make it? When they got there, did they have everbody? Did they decide to set up house somewhere in Iowa? Did Becky break her fingers? Did they run out of snacks? or gas? Well, here finally, all of your questions will be answered. And then some. . .

We arrived really late Friday night and pulled right in to our new house. There was a homemade banner on the door, and we went in and checked it out. Within minutes the welcoming committee arrived and I thought the kids would wake the whole neighborhood greeting each other. It was a huge relief to finally arrive and be able to get out of the car, and stay out of the car. The dog was very relieved as well, although he is still acting somewhat mental and it may take some time to see if he fully recovers. ( his baseline was a little crazy already ) Our coastal weather has definitely been left behind, and the heat and humidity remind me very quickly of my childhood summers. It is so surreal to be living here. I don't know how long it will take to really sink in. After spending today, unloading the truck and unpacking boxes, it still seems like this is someone else's life. It is so much fun to watch the kids enjoy their cousins, and explore their new surroundings. We have a nice yard with lots of trees and the neighborhood seems welcoming. It is really weird to be down the street from my sister. Several years ago she told me that Clayton, her son, had started praying that his cousins would live down the street. Sarah reminded me of this just a few weeks ago. The Lord hears the prayers of His children.Not much more to add tonight, since I am exhausted and still have quite a bit of unpacking to do tomorrow. One funny from the last day in the car. . . Gabe and Aubrey were riding in the back of the car for several hours. They weren't playing video games and they weren't watching movies, they were just quietly playing together. I could hear them making plans for a 'battle" they were going to have when they got home. They were working on something but I couldn't see what it was because I was driving. When we got to our house the boys got out of the car. They had their toy swords strapped to their bodies and belts holding other various weapons they had made in the car. Upon closer examination, I realized that they had taken a huge tub of hand wipes I had in our "snack basket" and pulled them out one at a time, and tied them together making various ropes and belts. They had their "weapons" strapped to their bodies with hand wipes! Pretty resourceful really, they must get that from their dad!

Thank you all for all of your prayers, the Lord is good and provided for our every need as we knew He would.

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  1. YAHOO! Congrats on your safe adventure out there.Have fun unpacking!!! (ICKY)