Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cross Country Adventure, Day 3. . .

Well, tonight's post is from DesMoines, and I have to tell you this blogger is pretty beat. But if I don't write these down now, they might get lost in my mind with the rest of this cross country trek. So, before we get to the fun stuff, T and I had a seriously surreal reunion with some friends today in Lincoln, NE. T had a roommate his plebe year at WP, that lives in Lincoln. He hasn't seen him since they graduated, so he got this wild hair that he would call him on our way through Lincoln and see if they could hook up. . . he called him and he met us for dinner tonight. Such a neat thing, they visited just like no time had passed. The bonds formed during T's time at WP always amaze me. It is unlike any other friendship I've observed. There is tremendous loyalty that exists between cadets that lasts a lifetime. It is a pretty cool thing.
The other surreal thing is that I got to see Lucy and Connie in Lincoln, NE!! Is that freaky or what. My coastal friends visiting their dad in Lincoln, ran up to meet us and say goodbye. It meant so much to us. God is so good. . . all the time.
So our day started this morning with everyone loaded and ready to go. . . again. The mood was much less enthusiastic as the boys are growing as road weary as we are. The following are just the ones I can remember tonight:

Gabe: "Mom, Keller keeps saying I love Sydney"
Mom: "Keller, stop saying that Gabe loves Sydney"
Gabe: "But I do like her mom"
Mom: "Ok, Keller you can say Gabe likes Sydney"
Keller: "Mom, Gabe is snickering at me"
Mom: "Gabe, stop snickering at Keller"
Gabe: "I'm just smiling at him"
Aubrey: "Mom, the dog is really upset today"
Dog: panting and looking pathetic
Aubrey: "I think he's trying to warn us about something"
Mom: "What do you think he's warning us about?"
Aubrey: "I don't know"
Mom: "Well if he's going to be a dog that delivers premonitions, he's going to have to be more specific"
Aubrey: "Are you mocking me?"
Rhett: "Are we still in Nebraska?"
Keller: " We have to drive exactly 11.25 more hours today to stay on schedule, mom"
Rhett: "When we get to NJ will Auntie Sarah still be 3 hours ahead of us?"
Brey: "What is that awful smell?"
Everybody: "Who did that?" (lots of moaning and pointing)
Mom: "We're passing a dairy farm, boys"
Rhett: "Is the east coast right after Ohio?"
Gabe: "I don't understand why everybody thinks I am in love with Sydney"

The dog has officially developed "PTSD". Everytime I catch the rumble strip with the car, all 100lbs of him comes leaping over the back seat. Trust me, that's a lot of dog to hurdle over the seat. Thank goodness he has Aubrey, the dog whisperer. . . Oh yea, one more tidbit. You know you've been on the road too long when you pull off the interstate and before you've even told them why you're pulling off, they start yelling, "I'll have a #7, please!"
Good night, all!

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