Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Cross Country Excellent Adventure

This is just to serve as a brief update on our family's trek from the Pacific to the Atlantic. I am sure some of you are wondering how its going, so I thought I would take a minute before I hit the sack in Cheyenne, WY, to relay to you some "funnies from the road". . .

For those of you who don't know, two trucks (one towing a car and all our stuff) and the other loaded with 5 boys and one very big, very confused Chesapeake Bay Retriever. T drives the moving truck, with one boy as the "trucking buddy". Today the buddy was Gabe. The other car holds me, 4 boys and the mutt. The "funnies", of course, are from my vehicle:

Brey: "Who farted?"
Rhett: "Are we in Nebraska yet?"
Keller: "Somebodies feet really stink?"
Rhett: "I can't wait til we get to Nebraska, cuz that's right next to NJ!"
Brey: (eye rolling)
Aubrey: "Mom, the dog is really upset, I think you're driving too fast."
Keller: "Who farted?"
Rhett: "Are we in Wyoming?"
Keller: "Mom, do you have another snack basket cuz this one's empty."
Aubrey: "Mom, the dog is panting really hard, I think he was in a car accident with the family who owned him before us. . . (petting the dog, now) When you ride on those rumble strips, it brings him back to that day he might have been in the accident with that other family."
Dog: "Ha, ha, ha "(looking pathetic)
Keller: "I'm not kidding, whose feet stink like that!"
Brey: (eye rolling, while texting someone)
Rhett: "Do you think we'll make it to NJ tonight?" (note: we're in WY!)

I could go on and on as we have already driven 1400 miles and the above snippet is only about 10 minutes worth, but alas, I must get some rest. You know how truckin goes. . . hittin it hard tomorrow. Wish me luck, I should have a lot more material tomorrow night:)

Happy trails!!

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