Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anyone still reading?

This post is an apology to my 2-3 loyal readers :) I am still here...I just wanted to let you know that football is in full swing, 5 boys on 4 different teams is running this mama ragged! I will have some football photos to share this weekend though so keep checking on me! I promise to get back to blogging really soon.

I wanted to give you a glimpse of my football schedule:
5:15 begin readying the boys for practice (this really consists of yelling, looking for pads, yelling, looking for helmets, yelling, looking for mouthpieces...
5:30 still searching for football paraphanalia...some kids falling out of the house on the way to the car carrying cleats and barefoot, gatorade in hand.
5:45 drive A, R, and G to the field for practice, drop them off and head up to the high school to pick up B from practice.
6:00 head back home drop off B and pick up K for practice.
6:15 head up to the field to drop of K for practice.
6:30 head back home to fix dinner for B, and say hello to hubby.
8:00 head up to the field to pick up A, R, and G from practice.
8:15 drop off kids at home.
8:30 head up to the field to pick up K from practice.
9:00 feed remaining children and hubby.
9:30 finish homework (which by the way in Nj is a ridiculous amount!)
10:00-11:00 put kids to bed.

If you're exhausted from reading it, I can relate. We do this four nights a week, and I have to tell you being a nurse in the operating room is the easy part of my day!! Oh well, its all surely worth it (?) Someday when they play in the NFL, they can cart me around!!!


  1. Becky, How in the world do you keep it all straight? It is sounding more and more like you are settling in or at least the boys are. I sincerely hope you are happy and healthy. Just meeting you once but listening to lil sis Lucy talk about you and how much she misses you I can only imagine how hard it must be at times. I hope for you much happiness and contentment. I applaud what you are doing! You are someone I want to emulate. Penny Middle of Five

  2. I opened this post and immediately felt my heart SQUEEZE at seeing those boys! oh I miss you all so much...I won't say it, I won't say it, I won't say it!!!! You know what I won't say! Love you, miss you immeasurably, horribly, terribly, immensely, deeply, achingly. I miss you...oh, did I say that? Was that me who said that? give all everyone my love and hug yourself! Yep,thats me hugging you! BTW, I remember those days...believe it or not, they DO end!