Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This is my beautiful niece Evelyn. Last night my sis told me the most adorable story about her that I had to write it down. Evelyn is 7, and the youngest in my sister's family. She is like most "babies" of the family, she is quite sure she was born to help her parents raise her sister and brother:) I am sure some of you with a few children can relate. Anyway, she is very quick witted and very smart, and of course she has a beautiful name. Evelyn. We have come up with many nicknames for her, some are as follows: Ev, Evelou, Eveloony, loony, loon, Evelovely and so on. She takes it well, and often comes back with a suitable nickname for whoever is teasing her.
I have always admired my hubby's relationship with his nieces. He is always fun, always happy to see them, and always takes an interest in what is interesting to them. He is never cross, annoyed or too busy for them. He just loves them, and they love him. So that brings me to my story... Last night, my sis and her family were getting dressed for a photography session at their church for the church directory. My sis was running around the house with her hubby trying to get my nephew and nieces dressed nicely and still get out the door on time. (A difficult task for any mom) So the kids were busy dressing (which means putting clothes on and then changing them, and then changing them again, and again...) So my sis was periodically checking on them and when she checked on Ev, she was busy fussing with a necklace. Specifically, a Kitty locket. My sis told her she needed to be more concerned with her clothing then the necklace, but Ev kept insisting over and over that the locket was very important and so the clothes needed to match it and she had to make sure everything she had on coordinated with the locket. It was her centerpiece. My sis was getting frustrated, trying to hurry her along and really not having much time for the "locket fuss". Finally, my sis bent down to help her with the locket as she could no longer deny its importance in Ev's evening. When she opened the locket, my hubby's face was staring at her! Sis was surprised and marveled at how nice it was that Ev had a picture of Uncle T in her locket. Ev was a little embarassed, but told her mom that she had cut Uncle's head out of a picture of our family and placed it in her locket some time ago. Sis told her how sweet it was to have a special picture in her locket, and they were able to match the clothes and head out to the photography session.
On the way to the church, in the car, sis could hear Ev telling her sister Sophie, that her Uncle T is so, so handsome! I'd say little Ev has great taste!!

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  1. Kids say and do the darndest things. EV sounds like a very special young lady. Better watch out for that one, uncle T and dad are gona have to sit on the front porch when her dates come calling!