Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Quarter?...Really?

Some things are just too priceless not to write down. Yesterday, my cold got the best of me and I decided to lie down for an hour before starting dinner. Lying on my bed, watching Oprah, and in comes my nine year old son, Rhett. Giggling, he says, "Mom is it okay if you swallow a quarter?" "What?" I responded. More giggling. "Will a person be okay if they swallow a quarter?" More giggling. I say "Rhett, did you swallow a quarter?" "Yea" he says. By now my youngest son, Gabe comes running into the room, stands next to his brother and says "I saw him swallow a quarter, Mom!" So here comes the dilemma....I can't stop laughing! I am trying to go over the events that preceded the "ingestion" and I can't hardly ask the questions because I can't stop laughing. I mean really?...a quarter? That just is not that easy to do. You really have to be trying in order to swallow a quarter! Especially if you are nine!!! So somehow I manage to establish that he swallowed a quarter while running down the hallway trying to hide money from his brother. (Although the story has since changed a few times.) And I already know what you mothers of 3 or less children are thinking... WHERE WAS HIS MOTHER!! (Actually, I think I was thinking that too.)

So I make a phone call to my mother who looks it up on the web and says "I think it will come out if it went in." So when Thane got home we had the parental discussion about what things are appropriate to put in one's mouth (like food!), and what things are not (like money!). Then we went to bed. Today, when I got to work, I asked one of the doctors what he thought about my son's money ingestion. He laughed and told me that his son (now 25) had done the same thing when he was 10. (This ended up being the most comforting statement of my day.) He said it took him a month to pass it. Oh well, we'll wait with much anticipation....I'll keep you posted!

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