Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My mother cracks me up sometimes. That's one of the things I love most about her, she is extremely funny! Listening to her tell a story, is truly something everyone should get to experience. So this post is about my mother getting ready for my hubby to come and stay with her while he job hunts in NJ. It all started last week when I called her and told her that he would be coming there and interviewing for some jobs. She got so excited. "He'll stay with us, right?" I could picture her immediately tasking my dad to help her make the bed in their guestroom, smoothing out the fresh sheets, fluffing and arranging the pillows, and making sure he would have enough drawer space in the dresser. All the while, talking quickly with excitement, justifying to my dad why the pillows needed to be just right. The reason? I know you want to know...it's because she wants him to know he is loved.

My mom has always sought out the "little things" that are important to someone she loves. She delights in little things ("chatchkeys" she calls them). But they really have a way of making one feel very special. Whether it's a small waterfall that she knows would go perfectly in your bathroom, or a coffee mug that reminds her of you, or a "bedazzled" blouse that she thinks brings out your eyes...the list goes on and on. This quality she has is one I admire and try to achieve. I think it is very reflective of our Savior's love for us. So different is each one of His children, yet He loves us enough to know our names, to know our likes and dislikes, to care for our needs down to the tiniest detail. How amazing! I know when He answers a prayer of mine, I feel so special to Him. That's because I am.

One more funny thing about my mom. Getting ready for T's visit, she called me many times. "What kind of soap does he like? What kind of soda does he drink? Does he like 2% or 1%milk?" Every time the phone rang, I would look at T and smile. After he arrived at her house over the weekend, he called me. He told me how great his room was and how my mom had already gotten all of his favorite breakfast foods ready for the morning. Later that day he called me from the car in between his interviews. After visiting on the phone, I said, "You probably need to go and get some lunch before your next interview." "Nope," he answered, "Your mom packed me a cooler, so I'm gonna sit right here and eat my sandwiches, my beef jerkey, my chips, my cookies, my peanuts and drink my favorite sodas."

I'm wondering if he'll come home or just tell me to meet him there!!

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